With Hypntist M. Vance Romane

By just being hypnotized, often headaches and backaches simply disappear due to the relaxation of the body. You can use the power of your mind to manage chronic pain and heal your body.

Chronic pain affects one in five Canadians. Pain comes from the brain, not the injury site. For example, a leg can be amputated, but the patient may still feel phantom pain in the leg. People feel less pain when they are happy, exercise regularly, sleep well and feel in control of their life.

Pain starts with an organic cause, but the pain experience is a combination of sensory input and complex thoughts and emotions. Pain can suppress the immune system, provoke stress reactions, and kill. Just IMAGINING pain causes many parts of the brain to fire up.

Mind power and Visual Imagery can affect your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, brain waves, the skin, blood flow, body temperature, digestion, sexual arousal, the immune system, hormone levels and much more. However, simply imagining yourself well may also require changes in attitude, lifestyle and relationships.

Here are some ways you can use mind power and positive mental images to heal your body:

  • For arthritis: Imagine your joints are very irritated because of little granules on the surfaces. Imagine your white blood cells coming in and cleaning up the debris, picking up the little granules and smoothing over the joint surfaces. Imagine yourself active, doing what you like to do, free of joint pain. Imagine a full construction company, machines and crew doing everything from clean up to rebuilding.
  • For pain: Imagine an army of white blood cells flowing in and soothing the pain. (my pain control hypnosis seminar recordings have proven effective help)
  • For cancer: Cancer cells are weak, confused, soft, easily destroyed. Imagine the treatment is strong and is shrinking the cancer with the white blood cells easily destroying it.
  • Motivation to Exercise: Use mental imagery and imagine yourself exercising and enjoying the commitment, more energy, sleeping better, greater physical ease and the good feelings after body movement. In the movies of your mind, put yourself in scenes where you are walking, swimming, playing tennis, etc.

Try this… Relax, and close your eyes. Take several deep breaths and put yourself in your favorite place, perhaps lying on a beach or some place in nature. Just relax and imagine this favorite place for a while. When you are using mind power and imagery think about what you see, hear, taste, smell and feel to add more to the experience. This will release natural tranquilizers to slow breathing, heart rate, lower anxiety, and boost your immune system. To come back to the room, create a vivid daydream of climbing up a staircase and becoming more alert and aware of your surroundings with each step. Take a deep breath, open your eyes, stretch and smile. (my mind power and self-hypnosis recordings can condition you to do this easily and effectively.)

Make your Subconscious Mind work with and for you, instead of against you. With just a few minutes a day using mind power technology, you can tap the other 90% of your mind power and be on the road to a healthier and happier you. If you want to eliminate something or add something in your life for maximum health and happiness, hypnosis is an effective method. Also, learning self-hypnosis is a highly valuable skill that you can use in many areas of self-improvement throughout your life. For more information, and to use hypnosis in your own life, please look at my available recordings and books.