With Hypntist M. Vance Romane


Paris, Aug. 15, 1925. A fakir, Tahra Bey, is now astonishing Paris with his amazing performances.

He inflicts himself with sword wounds, which heal in the short space of twenty minutes, and from which blood flows or does not flow according to his desires.

He can also bury himself alive for a lengthy period without any apparent ill results.

Before arriving in Paris he had penetrated the most exclusive Italian circles.

Mussolini watched him, the diplomatic corps watched, and King Victor Emmanuel expressed a desire to see him.

Tahra Bey, a handsome Egyptian, twenty-eight years of age, is the son of a fakir and philosopher.

As a boy he went to Constantinople to study medicine and native lore. He demonstrates his strange powers by lacerating his arms and legs with knives, broken glass, and pins, controlling the flow of blood.

His pulse accelerates or slows down as he pleases, and he can easily escape from the worries of life by relapsing into a cataleptic trance, from which he awakes at option.

The fakir can even go without air. The Italian police in Rome refused to let him make the experiment for longer than thirty minutes. He was placed in a zinc coffin, which was carefully sealed and immersed in water.

Pain Control:  Research published earlier this year by The Association of Anesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland has proven that hypnosis can be used to alter pain sensations, and can also help patients deal with pain after surgery.  In some cases, hypnosis can be as effective as anesthetic drugs.

Gastric Reflux:  A researcher from a clinical hypnotherapy study at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester found that hypnosis can help non-cardiac chest pain caused by problems such as gastric reflux.  80% of the patients receiving hypnotherapy claimed they achieved significant pain relief compared to only 1 in 13 of the placebo control group.  Hypnotherapy also added to the patient’s sense of well-being and reduced their need for pain medication.  These findings have also been confirmed within the field of neuroscience.  Pain reduction can be used until the gastric reflux problem has been resolved.  It should also be noted that how the patient perceives the symptom will affect how the symptom develops or heals.

Change Beliefs:  Lauren Kessler, a professor at the University of Oregon uses hypnosis to change our beliefs about ageing.  Her research shows that chronic stress is one of the major causes of ageing and that it affects cortisol levels, known as stress hormones, that cause physical disorders associated with the ageing process.  Hypnosis combined with exercise and healthy eating can be used to control cortisol levels in the body, so you will feel younger, and be fitter and healthier.  If you think of yourself as old and unwell, you will be less likely to do anything to change.  In other words, your attitude can influence your body’s biology and your biological age.  Keep your body moving with exercise and use hypnosis to keep yourself focused and motivated to believe you are young.  Your body will respond to the age your believe yourself to be.