With Hypntist M. Vance Romane

Monthly Archives: January 2014

It has been reported by medical researchers that your lifestyle choices make a big difference on your life expectancy.  Eating right, exercising and quitting smoking is good for your heart and your lungs, and it may also help prevent dementia.

Researchers say that those who keep their blood pressure and cholesterol under control will likely do better, possibly because they avoid dementia caused by mini-strokes and other vascular damage.

Some of the things you can do to prevent dementia are: keep your mind active by reading, doing puzzles, and brain twisters; exercise; keep socially active; eat a healthy diet; and stop smoking.  There is no guarantee, but the choices you make could make a difference in the quality of your life in later years.  Once you start to lose your brain functions it is hard to get it back, so now is a good time to start a healthier lifestyle. One needs to take personal responsibility to make the right choices for a healthier life.